Coast to coast: 1 week in the beaches of Uruguay.




This is a year with some others farther journeys, but we’re going to take a week and seize it completely by going to new and nearby places: we’re going to stay in coast cities and villages in the República Oriental del Uruguay, or just Uruguay among friends 🙂

Viajero Frecuente: Angus

Viajero Frecuente:


The idea is going as north as Punta del Diablo, and then visiting villages as we go back, and, hopefully, getting surprised by them. This is a trip more flexible than others we did before, we’re not going to make any reservation. For just one week, we’ll invent the road ahead us, although we have the places we suppose we’ll stay. So we’ll enjoy some improvisation as well.

Viajero frecuente: DIEGO

Viajero frecuente:



These are going to be really sunny days, as March kicks in, plenty of sand and differents beaches that we know. We’ll rest but also we’ll walk a lot, camp and bring a lot of uruguayan sun on us.

You can travel day by day, or see some nice recap.


⚓ Day 1: Crossing the Río de la Plata.
🎈 Day 2: Carnival find us.
🏖 Day 3: Beach life in Punta del Diablo.
☀ Day 4: A fortress under the hot sun.
🐚 Day 5: The touristic precariousness of Cabo Polonio.
🌴 Day 6: Palms and lookouts in Piriápolis.
😎 Day 7: We meet the Fingers of Punta del Este.
⛵ Day 8: Now yes, it’s turn of Montevideo.

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