3 weeks in North Europe: 2 countries and 1 kingdom.


down1Some useful files
UK train map

This journey is going to last 21 días, but we planned it for much long, and we thought it and wished it from almost forever.

Frequent passenger: Mirta

Frequent passenger: MIRTA

For the first time, the three of us (Angus, Mom and I) spend so much time on air, visit Europe, took an underwater train, and a night train with berths, got various passport stamps, got our Starbucks cups written in different languages, proved the existence of a French Fry Museum.
After all the british tv shows and movies, and after all the I don’t know what it is feeling about british stuff, picking the european cities to visit wasn’t hard.

Frequent passenger: Angus

Frequent passenger: ANGUS

We just needed to grab a map and imagine a route to link them (and a lot of help from the internet), and put the rest of the cities in the wishlist for another trip.

The signs of the cities go straight to them, and the links of the days will travel day by day.


Day 1: Belgium welcomes us.
Day 2: A day in Brugge.
Day 3: I am sterdam.
Day 4: Looking for the Manneken Pis girlfriend.


Day 5: Sleeping our way to Edinburgh.
Day 6: Nessie wait for us!
Day 7: From Holyrood Abbey to midnight in a graveyard.


Day 8: Leaving the kingdom for a while, to cross to Dublin.
Day 9: A castle and lots of bridges.
Day 10: Irish beer relax us from the visit to the jail.
Day 11: What a fantastic library.


Day 12: Exchanging euros to pounds again.
Day 13: The Tower and its Bridge.
Day 14: Gaining confidence with the city and the subway.
Day 15: The parks are impossible to believe.
Day 16: A (movie) day in Oxford.
Day 17: The photogenic wax figures.
Day 18: St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Day 19: Culture by day, London Eye by night.
Day 20: One last triple tour.
Day 21: Last but not least, Westminster Abbey.


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