Day 21: Half day in Neuquén, half day in Buenos Aires.

Early and with no need of alarm clock we start the day, buying great buns at Delicias de la Patagonia, 2 blocks from the apart.

While we have breakfast we organize all the luggage, and on time at 11.20 am the transfer that we had hired comes to pick us up.

During the way we lift more future flying people like us, until we reach the airport, with enough time to make all the proper things, but not so mucha that we get bored. Luckily, because the airport is small and there’s no much to do.

And now, here we’re sitting, 8a and 8b, ready to take off, with people around meeting again, and others waving through the windows.

And we’re saying goodbye too, from complete trip, really varied as we love, visiting all unexplored places to us, from where the only thing I won’t miss are the bees.




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