Day 20: We start saying goodbye.

Twentieth day and last, although it seems longer since we left Buenos Aires.

We have breakfast in the room, and then go to buy gifts and chocolates for our return. On the way, we make the flight check in an office of Aerolíneas Argentinas, and go to El Refugio and La Araucana agencies to ask about the transfer service to the airport. Both pick you up by your hotel. We’ll probably do that, to travel more comfortable, although it’s more expensive than taking the Castelli bus.sm2-1

It’s noon and we pack some sandwiches to take to our picnic in Quila Quina beach. The ship leaves port at 1 pm (it has other departure times), at the Lacar Lake, and you’ll have to buy the ship ticket and pay the admission fee to the Lanín National Park.sm2-3

It’s half an hour sailing, through an amazing landscape, without absolutely no waste at all, and when we arrive at the dock, we lay over the shore to eat and read, sm2-2in one word: relax. The geese walk among the people laying like us, and every once in a while they break the peace with their shouts (as some of the people…). Under the sun it’s really nice and warm so we enjoy entering into the lake, up to the knees cause we didn’t bring swimsuits (others did have that brilliant idea and now they’re happily swimming). Everything is so gorgeous! To have something refreshing we go to the bar that’s right on the dock, and that’s of course called Quila Quina Restaurant. We order a raspberry smoothie and a ‘soft’ ice cream, that’s even bigger than the photo on the menu. Refreshing indeed!

We walk a little more, but without spending too much energies, and at 16.15 we’re ready to take the ship back to the city.sm2-4

In San Martín we find the crafts fair again unassembled, as all the days before today, so we know we’re not going to see it. The stores are open so we buy more chocolates.

At night we walk looking for a place to have the last dinner, and we decide to go to La Casona to eat empanadas of deer and mushroom, and a trout with noissette potatoes, to share.
Then back to the apartment, and if the backpacks didn’t pack themselves up in our absence, we’ll do it in the morning.

I know, you can’t get enough of San Martín de Los Andes. Take a look at this post then!


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