Day 19: Bus Station of San Martín, long time no see.

Around 4.15 am we get up (fortunately, just happens on vacations), we finish closing the backpacks, and take a tea. 5 to 5 we’re at the camping entrance waiting to be picked up by the bus. The silence is absolute, and quite a experience; the stars fill the sky, and luckily it’s not very cold.

In no more than 10 minutes we see car lights appear on the road, and it has to be our bus. Indeed, it stops where we are standing and happily we jump in. We get comfortable in the back and make again the journey to the San Martín de Los Andes terminal.

Around 10 am we arrive, and as sm1-5 we wait the Terragonia hotel manager to show at the hotel, we have breakfast at Abolengo: 2 waffles each, with dulce de leche or berries, a capuccino and a chocolate milk.

At 11 we meet with the manager, who tells us that besides the two-room apartment that he booked us, he also has a free studio apartment, of course cheaper. Great news! And even more when we enter the room and see how comfortable and nice it is. So after paying (in cash) and a little chat, we install in the room, very well equipped and decorated, with kitchen, tv and audio system, huge bed, and very warm ambient. 4 blocks from the lake and 4 from downtown. We think it was a good price, and a great place to relax in the last days of this trip.

In the afternoon, by 4.30 pm we start walking to the famous Arrayán Tea House, historic heritage with very nice food, and an amazing view. All the way is up, not very sharp but constant, and it’s almost 4 km. It takes us an hour, an hour and a half, stopping at the Arrayán lookout, for spectacular views of the Lacar Lake and the mountains. Seriously, it’s just awesome.

sm1-3We sit outside so we’ll have better view, and order a fresh orange juice (excellent after all the exercise), a green tea, a lemon tea, a chocolate marquise and a lemon cake. Everything is so delicious! It’s really worth it even for just one time, one snack (although it’s also a guesthouse). They open at 16.30 hs.

We hope not be caught by nightfall on the way down, so we won’t be in the dark for the cars, and so we won’t enter some not very nice area, that the locals say exist. So we’re already going down, much easier than they climb up. The views and the landscape that we’re seeing, with the colorful sky and the city down the hill, with its lights beginning to shine, the shy moon and the pink clouds, they’re just… ok, I think I said it already.

For dinner (no, we never skip a meal) we go to Dublin, 3 blocks from the hotel. The place is nice, the music too, but a little expensive.

At night we need some coats, but summer is still going.



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