Day 18: Windy farewell from Pehuenia.

Today people start leaving the camping, so we wake up with the noise of tents being dismantled.

peh4-1As we already walked whatever place was recommended to be walked in Pehuenia, today we’ll stay at the campsite, reading, resting. At noon we start moving from the tent to the cabin, inside Don Cirilo camping as well, and right in this same moment, a very strong wind appears. It’s lifting up plenty of dust, and it’s starting to get cloudy. It’s the perfect day -and time- to be inside a comfortable cabin. Great timing!


With every walk between the tent and the cabin, as we move all our stuff, we’re getting more and more dirty, and finding less and less people around. It’s incredible how fast they all disappeared. Also is starting to be a bit colder, so we were very happy when we finished installing everything inside, and be safe from that unstoppable wind. The cabin is very comfortable (for 6 persons top).

At night we call Hotel Terragonia apart in San Martín and book a room for 2. Right after we call Parador del Lago restaurant, who has delivery service (pizzas, empanadas, pasta, meat), and a while later we receive the food at the door of the cabin. It couldn’t be more convenient.

Now, to bed we go cause tomorrow we begin earlier than ever in this trip.



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