Day 17: Lookouts of Pehuenes and lakes.

The strategy to beat the cold at dawn worked like charm and we slept better (Look! More camping tips here!).

peh3-1Now we’re going to cook breakfast and then lunch at the camping, while we enjoy the sun and the wind.

Now in the afternoon, the sun got very hot, so we walk inside Aluminé Lake (you can go to the lake directly from the camping), as we take pictures. A little more renovated, we go walking to downtown to, first, take a great ice cream in Heladería De La Montaña, and then walk to the Cipreses Panoramic View. It’s not very far, with some ascendant parts, and the view from there is incredible. Even more if it’s sunset. To me, a must attraction if you come to Pehuenia. Following the same road there’s another lookout (Coihues lookout), at the end of the bay, a 3 km distance. We leave it to a future return, when we preferably come by car.


We go back to town to make some more exercise: “bici-bote” (a bike/boat) in the Aluminé, with a background of great views.

Right in front the lake there’s a bar (La Clementina) to where we go to have something to eat. It took longer than we thought ’cause they’re really disorganized and forget the orders (it’s not even that crowded). So as it keeps growing dark we eat (mini) meatballs and (mini) shrimps, with a happy hour of craft beer.

When we finally managed to go, we walk a couple of blocks to another bar, which is inside a (small) mall, Drumlin, that we had already seen in some of our early walks. It has just 4 tables inside, some counter chairs, a few tables outside, and on the first floor they make their own beer. We stay for a while outside until a table inside got empty, and there ask for a strogonoff stewpot, a sausage sandwich with chucrut, another one of meatballs -yeah, we love meatballs-, a shrimp and saffron stewpot and a tasting of 6 craft beers. If you go, don’t look for gourmet meals, they made food and freeze it, and then heat it for you. We ask so many plates because they’re not very big, but they’re tasty. The best of the place is the great ambient it has, great music, great attention. Not for one age in particular, a very informal place, with appropiate prices.

We call a cab who lift us up at the entrance of the mall, and return us to the camping.



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