Day 16: (Re)meeting Villa Pehuenia.

During the night it got very cold inside the tent, so today we’re gonna have to try another technique to sleep better.

We test the hot and very nice camping showers, and we’re ready to walk around. We take the route to the left and after 4 or 5 km we reach the Municipality of Villa Pehuenia. Next to it, is the tourism office, where they provide us with maps and locations of lookouts and food places (you know, the things that matter). In the area there are also some diverse shops (and closed), except for a kiosk and a clothing store.peh2-1

Following the road we now go to the dock and the lookout of the bays.

Here we find more people and food places next to the lake, and of course all closed except La Panchería, where we obviously eat hot dogs, with special gravies. Mine is a lamb hot dog, accompanied by fries and beer. And all that enjoying a beautiful view of Aluminé Lake.

For dessert we lay on the lake beach, and so it goes most of the afternoon.peh2-3

When we feel reloaded we go to the shopping area, 1 km away. All we see open is a supermarket, an ice cream shop, a tea house and a telephone booth center, where you can buy the tickets back to San Martín.

The tiredness is kicking in, so we call a cab of Los Andes, that take us to the camping. It isn’t cheap, but is the only option (if you don’t want to walk anymore).

Here we have some snack and we rest, enjoying the camping life. It’s great having time to do nothing, and not have to be moving around.

peh2-2At sunset we decide we need to buy supplies for the night. As the camping supplies store is closed (we always find them closed in March), we go to another camping close to ours and ask there. They don’t even have one, but a man from the Municipality hears us and as he is going to the town too, he offers to give us a ride in his truck. We accept it very happily.

In a few minutes we arrive, and now it look different: lots of people in the shops, all opened. We buy stuff at the supermarket, and the tickets to San Martín for next Wednesday at 5 am, at the phone booths center -cash only-. At Café Nous we have a coffee and alfajores, made with derivatives of the piñones (the fruites of the Pehuenes), and we learn about the diverse uses that they can have. “Pehuenia” is “Pehuenia” for all its Pehuén trees (or also, Araucanas), and their fruits are dispersed all over the ground. You can pick them up and make flour, liqueurs, or just eat them like the other nuts. That gives us the idea, and the remaining days here we are going to collect as much as we can.

Bordering the take we walk back to the camping, and while it’s growing dark the views are quite awesome. Diego had came here once before, when he was a child (I hadn’t), and he always had the memory that it was beatiful and that he really liked it here. Now I totally understand that.

When we arrive we book a cabin at the camping to stay the last night here, and not having to dismantle the tent at 4 in the morning.

All set to start cooking the rice, and then improve the technique to beat the cold at dawn inside the tent.




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