Day 14: Look! it’s the Pacific ocean again!

Last day in Temuco, and in Chile, and sadly we had booked just two nights at the guesthouse, and yesterday decided to stay one more day, but there’s no availability, so we’ll have to move. During the breakfast we socialize with another guest, who tells a little bit about lifestyle in Chile, especially the difficulties of trying to go to college. And surprisingly, she also tells us how she likes and enjoys the mess of downtown Buenos Aires.

Puerto SaavedraWe go and settle in Alcalá Guesthouse, by recommendation of Verónica, the owner of the guesthouse we’re already in, just a few blocks away.

We don’t know what to do today, so we ask for ideas at the tourism office. Maybe some hot springs, or go to the italian town Capitán Pastene, but they tell us that we’d have to take several buses, and it’s not the easiest combination. Besides it’s already noon, so we don’t have all day either. So they suggest we go to spend the afternoon in Puerto Saavedra, a near beach town, taking only one bus. Off we go!Puerto Saavedra It’s 13.45 hs and we leave from the regional bus station, with Narbus company, and almost 2 hours later we get down in the center of Puerto Saavedra. But immediately we suspect that the beach won’t be near. And it wasn’t. It’s almost 2 km away, and the bus has its terminal there, so we got down a bit early. But no worries… we walk by the sea (that at this point is barely a river), and with contrary wind we reach the coast. Almost none shops are open, so when we find one, we step in and fuel up with coffee and cakes.

Puerto Saavedra

We go to the beach, where we find more people walking (although not that many), until 18.15 when the penultimate bus leaves to Temuco.Puerto Saavedra

We head back to the hostel and take the coats, and leave the things ready for tomorrow, and then go to Almacén de Pizzas y Empanadas. A single pizza, empanadas, beers (Kunstmann and Sol), 16.720 clp. The place ends up being argentine, with employees from Córdoba and Neuquén. We’re already making the transition for tomorrow.

I know, you can’t get enough of Temuco. Take a look at this post then!


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