Day 12: Northern destinations – Temuco!

temuco1-2First, breakfast, and then pack the things in the backpacks, ’cause today we’re going to Temuco.

Again, we take the bus line “la costera”, to Valdivia (600 clp each). During the journey we cross several bridges, and the sun still follows us close.

We arrive at one of the bus terminals of Valdivia (which is not the one that we need to go), and when all the other passengers get downtemuco1-1 the driver and his assistant tell us that they will take us to our terminal. Have I’ve mentioned already how cool are the chilean buses right?

When we finally get to the terminal, a bus of Nar-Bus company, is leaving to Temuco, for 4.000 clp each. It’s now 11 am, we take our seats, and right away we’re on the move.

We leave Valdivia with 4559 available photos in the camara.

The bus crosses bridge after bridge until it reaches Temuco at 2 pm, almost 3 hours later. But we haven’t arrived to a bus terminal like the others we’ve landed. This is more like a local omnibus terminal, not middle or long distance buses. We don’t have a map, and no tourism office is in sight. The area is not very attractive, with lots of people selling stuff on the streets. We ask around how to get to the mall (’cause we know it’s near our hostel), and apparently we’re quite far away, so it’s better to take the bus line 1, that will take us right in the entrance of the mall.
There’s a lot of mini buses on the street, and heavy traffic, and a travel of about 10 to 15 minutes, becomes much longer. We settle on the bus the best we can, and mostly by luck we get down at the mall.

Yesterday we had contacted the Plaza Las Banderas guesthouse and booked a room (without paying yet). With the directions that Veronica, the host, gave us by mail, we manage to get to it real good. We like the location because it’s not in the middle of the down town, but in the college district, full of bars and (mostly young) people.
When Veronica welcomes us she gives us a map and there we can see where we had landed: in the regional buses station. And by the way, the attention of the people of the guesthouse is really remarkable.

As it’s almost 4 pm some restaurants are closing their kitchens so we make the safe bet: the mall. Burgers and hot dogs at Fritz.

The city is quite huge, with 3 big parks, and the type of area changes quickly: from being wandering in old and humble streets, you can suddenly be in a modern and centric area.

temuco1-3The Municipal Market has the spirit of the one in Montevideo, but in this one there’s more crafts shops and butcheries, besides the restaurants.

For dinner we eat cannelloni and vegetarian lasagna in Madonna (30.690 clp). Then, walk 3 blocks to the hostel, and fall asleep.



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