Day 11: Niebla gets rid of the clouds.

¡Promise fulfilled! We wake up with not even one cloud in the sky, and after breakfast we go the opposite direction of where we went yesterday.

niebla2-1We can’t believe that we were only two blocks away from Fort of Niebla, one of the must attractions of the town. We don’t know if get there earlier than the office tickets guys, or if sometimes it’s free, but we enter without paying (it would be worth the ticket anyway). The place is surprisingly huge and really well setted up, with lots of glazed walkways from where you can have amazing views of the bay, and a museum with explanations of the history and the colonizations, in an interactive way. It’s all very thorough and well prepared. We enjoy the quality of the place andniebla2-2 how nice Niebla looks under the sun (and the nearby islands, too)

Walking out the fort, an ancient spanish soldier -with modern sunglasses- “let us” have a picture with him, in exchange of course of some coins, and well… the things you do on holidays right?

niebla2-3We now walk by the waterfront until we reach the pier, from where a boat (named Neblina, whichs means Mist) is starting its travel to Corral Island (800 clp each). I love boat travels! We pass by (tiny) Mancera Island, which you can visit entirely by foot, walking around its contour, so they say, and in half hour we land in Corral. There’s a tourism office, a national park, a native community, a waterfront and lots of little streets.


The first thing we visit is the Fort of Corral (facing the one in Niebla) which is near the pier. Between the two of them they were in charge of protecting the bay from sea attacks. This time we do pay: 1.500 clp a couple (otherwise, 1.000 clp each) – not forever alone people friendly.

There you can walk by the walls, see all the canyons, and the other islands. It does not offer much more action than that. So we bring it ourselves.saltando

We walk a little longer and when the hunger strikes we enter to Buena Vista restaurant, a homely and simple restaurant who chose well its name (the Spanish words are: Good view).

We ask for a glass of water, an Escudo beer, a silverside with fries and a salmonniebla2-5 with rice and tomatoes on the side. The sizes are huge and the meals tasty; we left nothing but the spines. If you prefer your food not very salty, you should warn the waiter first, ’cause is not the first time here in Chile that we notice the salt in the food. We ask for the check and we have no trouble waiting for the battery posnet to charge.

For digestion, we keep walking by the bay, looking at the ships, the boats, and the biggest sawdust mountain I’ve ever seen (there’s a construction nearby). We hear the dock horn alerting that a boat is leaving, so we go and take Neblina boat back to Niebla.

The boats depart every half an hour, and there’s also another dock from where you can travel by ferry taking your car with you. It’s cheaper than the boat, and leaves every sharp hour: the even hours from Niebla, and the odd hours from Corral.

At 5 pm we arrive at Niebla and we take a short pause before we go to Kunstmann brewery, 15 minutes away by bus.

19.30 hs we take the bus line “20” (you can stop it any where on the sidewalk), and for 600 clp each we get to it (the ticket costs the same as if you’d go to Valdivia). Along the trip we pass by Valtor, another beerhouse that’s open to visitors.

The tour schedule around Kunstmann is from 12 to 17.45, and as we get there around 8 pm, we just put our efforts in eating. And we do it right: a classic and special beers tasting (5.800 clp), a deer crêpe a la cazadora for me (8.650 clp), a huge burger for Diego (6.100 clp). All the meals are delicious, great sizes and tastes, the place is well worth visiting, even if is just one time, and give yourself a treat. And besides, the beers are a bit cheaper than in other restaurants. Dessert? Sure, why stop now? For me, an amazing brownie with ice cream (3.500 clp), and for Diego a typical dessert of the town: murta with quince (3.200 clp). The murta is a tiny red wild fruit, like a mulberry,  and the dessert is served with pieces of natural quince. It wasn’t our favourite.


It’s 21.35 and the waiter warns us that the “20” bus is no longer working, but there’s still another one, la costera and we can stop it right in front of the brewery.

We wait for around 10 minutes and then some lights on the road appear. The bus is crowded but the distance is short (and the ticket cheap). We go down right in the entrance of our cabin. We love these chilean buses!

Today the wi-fi was not working, and now at night it remains the same, so we feel like we are more far away than what we already are… awesome!

I know, you can’t get enough of Niebla. Take a look at this post then!


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