Day 10: Coast in sight! We arrive at Niebla.

niebla1-2After taking the same breakfast than yesterday at the hostel, we take our backpacks and head to the bus terminal, where on the second floor we find the bus stop of the line “20” that will take us to Niebla, for 650 clp each. Luckily it’s not completely full so we seat comfortably in the back (they’re not long distance buses). The travel is just 17 km, so  in less than an hour we arrive at the terminal (so to speak) of Niebla, at noon. The name of this town means mist in Spanish, which I think is really nice. Unpaved streets, irregular houses, you can already notice that it’s “less city” and niebla1-3wilder than the other places we’ve been visiting. We walk a few blocks until we get to the Turismo Niebla cabins, and we rent one for 25.000 clp per night (to our surprise, they take credit cards, just be patient with the posnet signal).

Then we go for a short walk and see the Playa Grande (Big beach, in Spanish), but it’s getting awfully cold, cloudy and windy so we shorten even more the visit of this area, that now seems a bit gloomy.

We take some hot soup at the cabin niebla1-1and hope for the weather to get better, but all the odds seem to be against us, and the rain now confirms it. There’s great wi-fi signal so I focus in replying birthday greetings, and nothing else all day. The forecast promises that the weather will be great tomorrow, it seems that it likes St Patrick’s day more than mine.



Tomorrow: Niebla gets rid of the clouds


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