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A few tips…

+   There’s an ATM across the main square (there aren’t many of them).
+ There are buses that on every sharp hour arrive and departure from and to San Martín, the Castelli buses. To pay the ticket you’ll need a rechargeable card that you can buy at Castelli terminal, and in some stores.

+   Igi Llaima, the transport company that travel from and to Chile, closes its office at the terminal at 1 pm on Saturdays, and doesn’t open back until Monday. At least when we went (on March).


A few reviews…

Cabañas Santos Lugares: 4/5

Vía Christi: 3/5

Ruca Hueney Restaurant: 4/5


3 days in Junín and the trip is ON…

Day 1: Arriving at Junín de los Andes.
Day 2: Walking in Junín.
Day 3: Spending a day in San Martín de Los Andes.
Junín de los Andes

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