Day 9: Two sides of the bridge – Valdivia & Isla Teja.

The hostal breakfast turns out to be very complete, with nut cakes,val2-2 ham and cheese, hot bread, coffee, milk, yogurt and cereals. We leave to visit (just on the outside) the two keeps of the city; the Harnecker Park, a quite large green space, with lots of people jogging (even on an early sunday morning!).

val2-4We go up the waterfront on the Valdivia River side, until we reach the O’Brien submarine (that you can visit but don’t expect it to immerse – we didn’t take the tour) and the Foucault Pendulum, and with that we check all the attractions that our touristic map tells us to visit.

val2-5We also stop by the También pasamos por el fluvial market, which now is crowded with people, fishes, fruits, salesmen, and huge birds over the roof.

It’s noon and we cross by foot the Pedro de Valdivia bridgeval2-8 with a gorgeous view of the river, and we now get to the other side: Teja Island.

Before we go to lunch, we visit the Saval Park (500 clp each), a beautiful park with a huge picnic area, a sculptures area, a lotus lagoon, which is just awesome. It’s very wooded, with plenty people walking by, celebrating a child’s birthday, taking pictures.


Hunger time! Luckily near the park and the bridge there are several restaurants, that look very good, so we pick one which has a deck to eat outside: Café Haussmann. While we scare away all the bees, we eat a tuna sandwich, a Haussmann salad, beer and pineapple juice. Really nice! (except of course, the bees).

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Time for relax in the hostel and murders’ tv shows on the TV. Moment we break only to go to dinner… my last dinner with 27 years old! We go back to Teja Island (great sunset view over the bridge!), and as some bars are closed, we end up again in Café Haussmann. Even the same waiter! This time we ask her for a Kunstmann beer, one Pisco with tonic water, and a hot board (german sausages, meat, pork meat, fries, and gravy).

We see the same thing as we did at lunch: many people asking for crudos (which means raw). “The authentic crudos of Valdivia” is the slogan of the place. Those two events convince us and we ask for one to share. The waiter brings val2-11a piece of raw meat over a slice of bread, with ciboulette sauce, lemon, and chilis, so you can put those over the meat as you like. With all those condiments you don’t taste very much the meat, just its soft texture and a bit chewy. Overall it’s a nice snack, and it’s always a fun experience to try the local food.

I know, you can’t get enough of Valdivia. Take a look at this post then!


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