Day 7: Walking and walking through the Huerquehue National Park.

Last full day in Pucón. At the camping, the sun doesn’t wake us up cause it reaches our tent in the afternoon, so we start the day at 9:30. Quickly we decide to go topucon3-3 catch a breakfast at Trawen, or better said, brunch.

For the digestion we go for a short walk, before we go to the Huerquehue National Park. So we visit the wooden Christ, a handiwork on the top of a hill (much less higher than the one in Junín). No more than 10 minutes, and the climb is through a cemetery on the hillside. You can access to it from the route, and the view is quite great (not awesome), but you can see the whole city and the lake.

pucon3-1Now we go to the bus terminal. As tomorrow we leave to Valdivia, we buy the tickets now, in JAC buses (4.700 clp each).

Then go across the street to Caburgua buses, and wait till 1 pm, when the bus leaves to the National Park.

This time, the driver go seat by seat collecting tickets (buying the round trip is less expensive than buying separate tickets.) During the trip we pass by the Christ on the hill, the eyes of Caburgua and the Caburgua lake, which is very recommended to visit, pero we won’t have the time to.pucon3-2

On the entrance, they inform us that the main footpath of about 7 km (one way), and that it takes almost 5 hours to complete it (there are other footpaths as well). It’s 2 pm and the last bus back to the city leaves at 19:30, so we don’t have time to lose! The trail difficulty is qualified as average, but the most part of the way there is up, with some steep parts, so for me it was more than average (of course I don’t have the best physical condition). At the beginning of the walk, an older and foreigner-er couple catch us, and share the rhythm of the steps for a while. The man leads the line, followed by the woman, Diego, and finally, me, closing ranks very bravely (in the movies we learn that the last walker is always the attacked one!). Then, we start seeing them more and more distant, with their backpacks and their awesome physical condition, until we lose them.

The path is really nice, view-wise, very wooded, fresh, with several viewpoints, where you can sometimes see a lake (and of course, the volcano, which refuses to lose its protagonism).pucon3-4

By the half of the walk (and of the capacity of the legs, and lungs…) we start crossing people on their way back, and with everyone we repeat the same greeting “¡Hola!”, and you never know with what accent or language they reply.

We get to the Green Lagoon (finally!), after almost 2:30 hours. The landscape is beautiful, but not much more than the one from the Viewpoint N°1. The best of it is the satisfaction of arriving, and have enjoyed the walk, doing something completely from what you do the rest of the year (my situation at least!).

pucon3-5We don’t wait too much to start heading back, and we’re very excited because now the path will be downhill. But we have to be aware of all the little rocks and sand, awaiting to make us slip. We don’t see many animals along the walk, they’re probably hiding from tourists somewhere, but we find a woodpecker, and it is priceless.

Later on the afternoon we take the bus and arrive at Pucón after 1 hour trip. First we stop by the camping to get a coat cause is not that hot now, and I’m in shorts and sandals (me and my bad choices).pucon3-6 Now we can go to that german restaurant we saw the other night, Biergarten, and regain all those calories (well) spent. In the menu we see the picture of a german lady holding a HUGE board of cold meat, that looks impossible to eat (but we could certainly try). It’s fun to then see the same lady coming and taking our order.
pucon3-7German meat, spaetzle with ham and bacon, a bratwurst to share, and 2 Crater beers (honey, and chocolate flavours). It’s all really tasty and in big portions, so we’re very happy. The german lady starts talking to us (in english, cause it’s more comfortable to her than Spanish) and tells us a bit about her, really cool!



guion1   Before you go to the National Park, remember:

+ It’s REALLY IMPORTANT to go with sneakers on, comfortable and closed walking shoes.

Take a coat with you, not a very warm one, and even if it’s a hot sunny day and you know you’ll be in constant movement. Inside the park the weather is a lot cooler (thank you trees!), and besides you’ll be coming back surely at evening.

+ As you walk, find a large stick to improve your balance. I thought it was kind of fun seeing all these people walking with their canes, but then I tried and it does help.

Take a watch (or a mobile with full battery), cause if your return to the city depends on the last bus, you won’t want to miss it.

I know, you can’t get enough of Pucón right? Take a look at this post then!


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