Day 6: We meet the neighbourly Villarrica and Lican Ray.

Today we take the breakfast at the camping. Yesterday we had bought a carafe in “Mario’s Fishing Zone“, and Mario explained us why it was so hard for us to find one of this these days: with the volcano eruption the people bought lots of these things for the evacuation, so they ran out.

At 10.30 we take the minibus to the nearby city Villarrica, and with chilean speed we border the Villarrica lake, with the volcano always present for us. There a lot of campings, cabins and hotels along the side of the road, and that still surprises us.
pucon2-2Half an hour later, we pay the driver and go out the bus, in Villarrica station.
We can tell that it’s more “city” than Pucón, more a place where people go to work to, and not so turistic, but nonetheless it’s nice, with the charm of a mountain town. In the tourism office we ask for directions to go the Reserva Huilo Huilo (to spend the day), but it’s almost impossible to go without a car. So maybe we could reserve a tour, for another day, we’ll see.
pucon2-3We walk by the shore of the lake, along the riverwalk, take lots of pictures… it’s a really really nice and calm place.
From the terminal, and for 900 clp each, we take a bus to Lican Ray, a beach village half hour away.
This is a town of sand streets, food places (some are closed), and not too many people, and we seat in a restaurant in front of the lake, Mi Casa Restaurante. It’s empty at first, but later people start coming. The typical bread basket, to eat while waiting, also has ¡tortas fritas! (classic argentine snack to eat with mate). Very cool. We order pineapple juice, hake with smashed potato, trout with rice, and a chilean saladpucon2-7 (onion, chili, tomato, coriander). I wasn’t aware that the chilis weren’t regular chili, but spicy ones! Not a happy confusion…
For the post-lunch we go to lie down near the lake, and enjoy the sunny and windy weather.pucon2-6
We’re not the only ones doing that, as Playa Chica is a little but great place to spend a summer day. Diego reads, I write, others sleep, swim, take pictures…

We go back now to Villarrica, and out of curiosity we look for a backpacker backpack, cause I don’t have one, and Chile is a great place to look for this kind of things. Almost by chance, we find in a shoe store (yeah, that’s right) the same backpack we saw in a specialized store, 2000 clp less! So we return to Pucón, very satisfy with our shopping sense, with a Doite backpack 63 lts.
But before we get on the bus, we take an irresistible photo of the volcano covered in clouds. I can’t count how many photos we have of him.

I just wanna open a short parenthesis to mention the GREAT bus service Chile has. You could travel through a lot of cities with the intern buses lines, move yourself through long distances, with no need of a car. We’ve now been in Santiago, Viña del Mar, Puerto Montt, Frutillar, Puerto Varas, and Araucanía, and all those places we visit by bus, and it wasn’t hard. There are many bus lines, many daily services, so you could really seize a trip by foot.

While I’m moving my stuff from the old and tiny backpack to the new one in the camping, a girl approaches to us to ask us if we speak english. She wanted to know what we did in Pucón so far, and she tells us she’s from Belgium, and came to Temuco for an exchange between colleges.
Later, a chilean man comes to ask us to help him setting up the tent, so Diego goes to the rescue. It’s night at the camping and there’s no much to do, so we use the carafe to cook some pasta; it comes out better each time.




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