Day 5: Relax day in Huife Hot Springs.

One (turistic) thing to know about the Araucanía region is that there are a lot of hot springs to visit, so we asked Cristian (the camping manager) for a recommendation. According to him, the best ones are Geometric Hot Springs, but they’re one of the farest. So, he tell us to go to Huife Hot Springs.

pucon2-1 But first things first, we need to gain calories (although we’re not burning many today, but who cares right?), so we enter to a restaurant we had seen and liked before. We ask for a breakfast to share in Trawen, and it’s huge! We love the place, the breakfasts are plentiful and diverse, great to start any day.

Now we can go to the bus terminal. Pullman buses, and Caburga buses, make the trip, and we take one which is leaving at 12.30 pm.

On the bus trip we could feel the chilean way of driving… they’re really not afraid of speed! In other cities of this country we had had the same experience, they’re very used to their routes I guess. One hour, lots of curves, and a pig family on the side of the route later, we arrive at the hot springs.

pucon2-2We pay the ticket for the day, 12.000 clp each, and we go directly to the pools. Luckily there not many people wandering around, so it’s very very quiet. There are 3 pools: one very hot (50°C), one intermediate and other with fresh water. We use them all!

We are surprised by all the deck chairs around the pools, so we don’t have a problem picking some.

I write while Diego gets into the woods nearby to have fun taking pictures. The only thing I hear is the sound of the river behind me, someone swimming in the pool, and pucon2-3 a chilean wife talking with an USA turist, and whose husband is also making noise with his mouth, as he snores. I don’t blame her for get interested in cultural exchange, and don’t blame him for surrender to the relaxation, here is almost mandatory.

At evening we leave the hotel, going up the entry to the place (don’t underestimate it if you’re going by foot!). The bus picks us up at, right there in front on the hotel entry, on the route.

The sunscreen is still very useful, we’re having the same weather as in Argentina.

Once in Pucón, we stop by a huge supermarket, the “Eltit”. Our turist eyes get surprised by all the products they sell, (besides the hardware shop on the first floor)… Flours, mayonnaise, toilet papers, in ¡huge sizes!

Aisles exclusively for chocolate milks, marmalade sachets (we buy one of course, for being a friendly product to the campers)

The city is full with signs saying “Pucón without bags”, and here we notice why is that: in the supermarket you don’t get any bags for your purchases, so remember to take your own.

After taking some mates at the camping, and organize the tent and bags, we go to have dinner. In some places they don’t accept credit cards, so we end up in Pizza Cala. Empanadas, pisco, Kosler beer, and a calzone.

Anocheciendo en el lago La Poza

It’s getting dark in La Poza lake.

Immediately after, direct to the tent and sleep.



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