Day 3: Spending a day in San Martin de Los Andes.

As we had to add one extra day to our stay in Junín, we have to move to another places because the cabin was already rented. So we check in in Tromen Hostel, a few blocks from there. The attention is helpful, but the facilities are quite precarious. If other rooms noises bother you, then it’s not your place. It’s not a big problem for us because we are only staying for the night, but wouldn’t recommend it for longer stays (and it wasn’t that cheap either).

jsm1We decide to spend a day in San Martín, ’cause we’ve already visit the most important places in Junin, and besides we would reduce the amount of visits in this city when we go there to stay, at the end of the trip.

As we know, Castelli buses leave from the bus terminal at every sharp hour, so with no delays we arrive at San Martín by lunch time. We find Peperone resto on one of the main street, and we fill our energies with big hamburgers and fries.

Being this the third day, I’m very glad that I bring sunscreen and cocoa butter, because the sun is really intense.

Now we wait the start of the city tour on the Red Bus Double Decker. You buy the ticket as you get on the bus, so is better arrive on time at the line.

It’s a really really sunny day, and very hot, and on the bus it seems it’s even hotter. During the tour you can get AMAZING views of the Lacar Lake, always throught the glasses (there’s no stops).

When the tour is over, we look for cold in Mamusia ice creams, and was worth it.

We want to take the 7 pm bus to go back to Junín, but there are rush hours here too, so the line to the bus is full of people. Thankfuly we’re on vacations and we’re not in any hurry, so we lie down over the Lacar Lake shore, and wait until the next bus leaves.

I know, you can’t get enough of Junín de Los Andes. Take a look at this post then!


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