Day 2: Walking Junín.

junin2-1Our plan for the day is to know more about Junín, and tomorrow go to Pucón, Chile. But when we go to the bus terminal to but the tickets to cross to Chile, we find out that the tickets sales agency Castelli, same shop as Igi Llaima agency (which is in charge of the Andean crossings with stop in Junín) is open from 6.30 am but it’s closed from 1 pm on saturdays to mondays. So we come back to the cabin and call the agency to confirm that information (we read it on a paper), but they’re not answering the phones either. So we call the branch in San Martín de Los Andes, and they tell us that they open on weekends (until 2 pm, and from 6 pm to 8 pm), but we won’t be able to buy tickets departing from Junin, only departing from San Martin… so our itinerary should be changed.
We also tried to buy the tickets on line in the Igi Llaima site, but some chilean residents data was required, so we could’t make it. In conclusion: we’re staying one more day in Junín, and on Monday we’ll buy the tickets to travel on Tuesday, 6:40 am (just one bus per day). With all that settled we’ll do now something more interesting, and later we’ll think what to do tomorrow.

junin2-4The afternoon is kicking in and as we walk by the park  we see that just few shops are open, a very typical habit of the little towns. Luckily one of the open ones is Tom Tom ice cream shop, so we join all the people who is already buying.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Via Christi, a way up on a hill along the sculptures representing Christ calvary. It’s interesting that those images are intercalated with stories of the Mapuche culture. When you get to the top of the road, you can have great views of Junín. The climb is not very demanding, and it’s near the downtown.



Junín desde las alturas

Now night is here,  and we’ll have dinner at the Ruca Hueney restaurant, placed on one of the park corners. It’s very famous in the town, and it’s practically another attraction. We ask the typical meal: black butter trout, and deer. Delicious! and not that much expensive.



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