Day 1: Arriving at Junín de los Andes.

Luckily the flight departs, from Buenos Aires, at 10 am, a great travelling time that I love because it gives you the opportunity of start the tours right that day, no time to lose! And it doesn’t pull you out of bed at an inhuman hour, with the phone alarms ringing in the quiet building.

junin1-3When we arrive at Chapelco Airport, in the city of San Martín de los Andes (south of the province of Neuquén), we notice that there are minivans that take you to the city center for 90 ars, and taxis that for 450 ars take you to the city we wanna go, Junín de Los Andes. The thing is, the airport is in between those cities, at almost same distance.

So we obviously put our luggage in the minivan, and when we arrive at San Martín, we look for buses to get to Junin.

Castelli buses leaves every sharp hours (both ways), and a reusable card is needed to pay the tickets. We start noticing that the shops at the bus terminal have limited attention hours, especially on weekends, so we’ll need to re plan something probably in the future.

callesdejuninWe leave at 2 pm under some rain, and an hour later we get to Junin under the hot sun.

We decide to go straight to the Cabañas Santos Lugares, that we know for a recommendation from Diego’s mom. They’re one of the less expensive cabins in the area, and a bit distant (but only 10 blocks from down town).

Robert and his four-legged companion, Captain, comes to welcome us. He gives us a map and some suggestions, before we set up in the cabin. The first thing we’re going to do is follow one of his recommendations: go to the Feria Franca, a food Mapuche market 2 blocks from there, on the route, and have some empanadas! (classic and delicious Argentinean food). 45 ars, half-dozen of incredible fried meat empanadas.

With a happy stomach now we go to walk the town.Paseando por el río



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