From Neuquen to Araucania: 20 days, 7 cities, 1 mountain chain.


down1Some useful files:
Neuquén map    |    Borderline crossings 2014


It’s the first time Diego and I have 3 whole weeks to exploit them in vacations. We mentally wandered by lots of places until finally we ended up choosing this trip. We planned part of it at home, and the rest of it we’ll put it together on the fly.



Frequent passenger: DIEGO

Like we did other times before, when we get so close to the Andes mountain chain we like to peep our across it and visit Chile and let it surprises us with what it has in that latitude. This time was probably the best crossing of all.

In these 20 días we went by 3 cities of Neuquén -Argentina- and 4 cities of the region of Araucanía -Chile-. I lost track of the amount of buses we took. The photos ended up rounding 2300.



Frequent passenger: ANGUS

You can travel day by day clicklin in each and every one of them; or go straight to each city, clicking the name.

Also you can skip the story and just go to the final recap: take the shortcut.




  1. This is so awesome. very complete and clear instructions of the journey. i’m gonna try this one day 😉

    • Thank you Widhi! I’m glad that it may inspire a trip for you. You should definitely try it! At least some of the places, you won’t regret it 😉

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