A trip spoken in 5 languages: 4 weeks in Europe.

Europe 2016 Map

As soon as we had our vacations confirmed at work, we started to design an european trip, which was varying from the original idea, but which either way was going to take us through a lot of new cities, and also allow us to meet again with people who through the past years decided to move there.
The trip wasn’t going to miss a thing, we were going to take planes, trains, buses, subways, and many walks; we were going to sleep in hostels, hotels, friends houses, airbnbs. Foods of all kinds, many sweet treats, and lots of pictures of that meals; the beer wasn’t absent, and neither were the castles, the statues, the triumphs archs and the oriental tourists.



Day 1: From Buenos Aires to Notting Hill.
Day 2: We see London from the Tower Bridge.
Day 3: London, today self guided.
Day 4: Liverpool has its own soundtrack.
Day 5: … And we’re still listening to The Beatles.


Day 6: Hallo Berlin.
Day 7: It’s raining over the East Side Gallery.
Day 8: Sun and palaces appear in Potsdam.
Day 9: We cross the czech border.



Day 10: Stories in Prague Castle.
Day 11: Wind and sun in Prague.



Day 12: We wake up in Munich.
Day 13: The Neuschwanstein Castle doesn’t let us down.
Day 14: We enter into a concentration camp.



Day 15: Passing by Bern.
Day 16: We get filled with colours in Interlaken.
Day 17: French-style day in Annecy.



Day 18: Paris surprises us with its magnitude.
Day 19: From the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Day 20: By the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
Day 21: A royal walk through the Gardens of Versailles.
Day 22: A day watching a new sea.


Day 23: We arrive at Barcelona.
Day 24: A day designed by Gaudí.
Day 25: Beach, heights, and more Gaudí.



Day 26: We move to the center of Spain.
Day 27: El Retiro Park and more Madrid.
Day 28: Toledo, lucky to have met you!
Day 29: Last visit, El Escorial under the rain.


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