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Nice things I brought with me from Brussels

+ Buy something easy to eat (like a sandwich or a salad in Ekki food store), and sit on the cobbles of the Grand Place and have lunch.
+ Waffles (with Nutella or with the gravy that makes your heart happier), chocolates, ice creams… walk around always eating something delicious!
+ With a comfortable train and within a short distance you can reach cities (even for a day) like Amsterdam, Brugge, Gent, Antwerpen. And with a bit longer trip, but a just 2 hours one, you can get to London (Eurostar trains, yes, the underwater one).
+ Wander through all the city parks, each prettier than the other, until you arrive at Parc du Cinquantenaire, and you get amazed with its amplitude and its arch.


While I prepared the trip

+ I found the Tripadvisor app and I loved search places and mark then on the map so I won’t forget them. And have lots of opinions and tours on foot suggestions. And the best of all, works offline.

+ The on line guide of Civitatis, in Spanish. I used it a lot for many cities and it never disappoints me. Everything is very clear and well organized, so you’ll find what you need. Very helpful when you start designing an itinerary.


And happily we stayed 4 days in Belgium

Day 1: Belgium welcomes us.
Day 2: A day in Brugge.
Day 3: I am sterdam.
Day 4: Looking for the Manneken Pis girlfriend.

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