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Nice things I brought with me from Edinburgh

+ Walk by Old Town and found the alleys and closes, and feel like you’re in a medieval movie. By chance we entered in one, and found The Writers Museum.
+ The whole city is UNESCO World Heritage, and it’s really worth that they protect and keep the ambiente and the places as they were originally.
+ The dark side tour of Sandemans and listen the creepy stories was really fun, and also you can get cool night views of Edinburgh.
+ There are small cemeteries mixed in the city, and used as parks by the locals.
+ Go to Calton Hill to have amazing views of the city, by night and day.
+ There’s a near place called Dean Village that looked gorgeous to walk around (I leave for it for next time).
+ You can take the night train Caledonian Sleeper, and leave London at midnight, and wake in your berth at 7 am in the middle of Edinburgh. Unforgettable!


While I prepared the trip

+ In the Tripadvisor app I marked places in the map that I wanted to visit, restaurants I wanted to meet, so I wouldn’t forget them. And it’s also helpful to not get lost there. You can download all the info at home, and then use the app offline, which is fundamental if you don’t have an european sim during the trip.

+ The on line guide Civitatis, in Spanish, has plenty of info, but well organized and precise. Indispensable when starting to design an itinerary.

Edinburgh in 3 days

Day 5: Sleeping our way to Edinburgh.
Day 6: Nessie wait for us!
Day 7: From Holyrood Abbey to midnight in a graveyard.


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