Go camping? Sure! Why not?


I like to use some weekend getaways or some days of the vacations to go camping, although I’m not an experimented person. But for at least a few nights I really enjoy getting detached from hotels, hostels, and some amenities I might be very used to, and just have fun finding that I can survive either way 🙂

So many times I had to appeal to my great friend Internet for knowledge, and to collect advices from people who do know what they’re talking about.

Sometimes, in order to be mentally prepared and enjoy, you need to avoid thinking about all the discomforts proper of a camping. Because most of them can be resolved by knowing a little more, or by experience. And for that, what’s best than ask friends or Internet guys for a little support and ideas.

Still you may not be a fan of the camping life, but what would really be cool is if you give it a chance: a weekend getaway, try just one night. Nothing is lost, that’s for sure, it’s a cheap experience, and who knows, it may be exactly the revolutions decrease you were needing.

5 days was the longer I lived at a campsite, and in one with infrastructure, not those wild campings where you are totally on your own. For now I’m not attracted to that kind of experience. But arriving at a campsite, having to pick your parcel, setting up the tent, and feeling you can accommodate in a place with just your bag and some nearby trees (and the services, of course), is a sensation of freedom that refreshes me.

That’s why, although like I said I’m not a wild outdoor kind of person, I do like take some days between hostels, cabins, hotels, and get in touch with nature, especially in places who invite you with their landscapes. For instance, when we were in El Bolsón (Río Negro, Argentina), in Villa Pehuenia (Neuquén, Argentina), Villa La Angostura (Neuquén, Argentina), in Pucón (Araucanía, Chile), in La Pedrera (Uruguay), and in Piriápolis (Uruguay).


About backpacks

This guy shows in his channel cool tips for organizing traveller backpacks and suitcases.

In the last vacations we practiced the technique for folding t-shirts, and it was very helpful, as they didn’t wrinkle that much.

I still have to try the pants technique, and keep searching for more tips.


About campings and tents

First, there are some links to know a bit more about types of campsites and tents, to start getting a little more friendly with this kind of journeys.

Campsites: Avery Z Chipka

Tents: ABC of Hiking

If your suffer from cold, like I do, it’s really important you carry an insulation mat to separate your sleeping bag from the ground. Also, the tent roof will isolate you from the night dew, avoiding it wets the tent.

But have in mind that the tent fabric will nonetheless get a bit wet during the night (not to mention, rains), so you can try to spread plastic bags all over the inside of the tent, so they will be in touch with the tent and protect your stuff from getting wet (like your bags, your head of your feet). It works really well and improves the night sleep.

Depending on the place and weather, you’ll need a right sleeping bag. If you’re going camping first check the usual weather of the place, and then check the recommended temperature for your sleeping bag.


What should I bring?

As the backpack is limited (and so is your back resistance), you don’t want to be carrying around useless things.
After several days spent camping and improvised getaways, we found useful to have in hand a list of stuff that we know we’ll need. So we won’t have to always be thinking what we might be forgetting, we write a list of essentials, for our needs at least, that I share with you in case it’s helpful to you too. Or even better, make your own!


Happy camping! 🏕

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