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A few tips…

+   The center of the city is in the crossing of Alemania Avenue and Caupolicán Avenue.

+  Along Alemania Avenue there’s a lot of bars and college students.

+  There’s two bus terminals: the one of the regional buses (on Balmaceda Avenue), and the Estación Rodoviaria, which is for international trips, and is located 15/20 minutes from the city center. Also there bus offices, where you can get in or get down of the bus.

+ If you can’t find a laundry shop, but you do find a Jumbo supermarket, it’s very possible that there is a 5àSec shop inside.

+ A touristic steam train does a tour of 5 hours, called “Tren de la Araucanía”, that departs few times a year (7 we were told). So it’s better to make a reservation first, and you can get the info at the Pablo Neruda’s Rail Museum.

+ If you want to see the coast, you can take a bus of Narbus company, that goes from Temuco to Puero Saavedra, that lasts 2 hours, and if you get down where it ends, you’ll be at the beach. If you get down in the city center, you’ll have some bars, but you’ll be 2 km away from the beach.


Some reviews…

Ñielol Hill: 3/5

Infame Restobar: 4/5

Neruda’s Rail Museum: 3/5

Hostal Plaza Las Banderas: 4/5


Temuco in 4 days…

Day 12: Northern destinations – Temuco!
Day 13: Living Temuco.
Day 14: Look! It’s the Pacific ocean again!


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