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what to do in Niebla Chile

A few tips…

+   There are some food markets during the year, especially on high season.

+   You can take a ship and cross to two nice and near islands: Corral and Mancera.


Some reviews…

Fort of Niebla: 5/5


We spent two days in Niebla…

Day 10: Coast in sight! We arrive at Niebla.
Day 11: Niebla gets rid of the clouds.


Where is it exactly?

Niebla belongs to Valdivia, in the XIV Region or Region de Los Ríos, in the south of Chile. To have a better idea of the location, it’s 17 km away from the city of Valdivia, and by road it would be about 870 km to Santiago, capital of the country.
You can see it easier in a map:

Mapa Niebla

And if we get a little bit closer:
Mapa Niebla


Winners of an unhappy ranking

If you take a walk through Niebla and many other cities of Chile you’ll find youself constantly looking at info signs for earthquakes, tsunamis and erupting volcanos emergencies. The amount of signs I saw really surprised me.

Niebla and the rest of the coast towns were “famous” during May 1960, when the worst earthquake in human history happened, the worst at that time and still.
In the early morning of May 21th two violent seismic movements took place, the first one was a 7.75 magnitude earthquake. They collapsed every standing construction, in a time where the living situation of the area was quite impoverished.
But on the next day something even worst surprised everyone: a quake that lasted 10 minutes, reaching a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale, and with more than 30 epicentres, some of the them in the sea.
This seism was the responsible of giving the Valdivia Earthquake the first place between the worst quakes of history.

The highest waves appeared in Niebla and Corral, with almost 12 meters high. 12 meters! There were towns entirely razed, and they were never able to determine the number of deceased, being the seaqueake the biggest responsible of the tragedy.

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