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A few tips…

+   If you want to take the tour of Kunstmann brewery, be aware of the schedule before you go. When we went, there were no more tours after 5 or 6 pm. If you’re late, you can always and stay and have something to eat.

+   The fluvial market is a good place to visit, even though is just for seeing all the salesmen in action.

+   You can get great views of the river and its waterfront from the Pedro de Valdivia bridge, by night and by day.

+   Don’t forget to go across the bridge to Teja Island, and visit the Saval Park.


Some reviews…

Kunstmann brewery: 4/5

Haussmann Cafe: 4/5

Fluvial market: 3/5

Anwandter Hostal: 4/5


We stayed 2 days in Valdivia…

Day 8: Getting closer to the coast – Valdivia here we go.
Day 9: Two sides of the bridge – Valdivia & Isla Teja.




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