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A few tips…

+   Take a backpack or a bag to the supermarkets, in case they’re not giving them away (for environmental issues).

+  There are a lot of nearby places to visit: a thermal circuit, the Caburga lake (and its “eyes”), a National Park. You can reach them all by local buses.

+  Besides nearby attractions, there are some cities that are worth visiting, like Villarica and Lican Ray, and you can also reach them comfortably by local buses.


A few reviews…

BierGarten: 4/5

Huerquehue National Park: 4/5

Trawen: 4/5

Huife Hot Springs: 4/5

Oma’s Cafe: 3/5


4 days in Pucón, and we would stayed longer

Day 4: Really early travel to Pucón, Chile.
Day 5: Relax day in Huife Hot Springs.
Day 6: We meet the neighbourly Villarrica and Lican Ray.
Day 7: Walking and walking through the Huerquehue National Park.


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