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Nice things I brought with me from Dublin

+ The Trinity College Library has over more than ¡4 millons! books; its oldest part still standing was built in ¡1700!; the Book of Kells (the most important exhibition) was written around the year… ¡800! Amazing numbers.
+ Walk by the river, watching and crossing all the bridges and quays.
+ Get to know a little bit the celtic history, the viking history, so different from the other cultures of the trip.
+ From the airport to the city we took the Airlink Express bus 747. We had bought the tickets back at home, so we printed them and then showed them to the friendly guy on the bus stop at the exit of the airport. It’s really comfortable, fast, costs 6 euros each, and you can buy the tickets on line in their site. Also you can take a look at the route map, so you’ll know which stop is best for you.
+ We totally liked walking through the city with a Sandemans Tour. We did it with a spanish guide, who was was very entertaining, and not even the rain could stop us! I think it’s a great way to know a city. And it’s free! they guys really earn their tips.
+ Talking about rain… don’t cancel a plan because you see clouds or rain through your hotel window. It’s common that on a nice and sunny day, rain appears for a while, to then go away again. And on the other hand, don’t take your umbrella for a walk if it’s already raining when you go out. At least for me they’re really annoying, especially if it just rains for a few minutes! Just go outside with a hood… or don’t! Enjoy the drops 🙂


While I prepared the trip

+ In the Tripadvisor city app, I customized the map with the places I wanted to go, and searched for opinions, tours. And then in the trip, I could use it offline,  very handy!

+ The must read Civitatis on line guide, in spanish, with tons of info but well organized.


And happily we stayed several days in Dublin

Day 8: Leaving the kingdom for a while, to cross to Dublin.
Day 9: A castle and lots of bridges.
Day 10: Irish beer relax us from the visit to the jail.
Day 11: What a fantastic library.


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