If you navigate ’till here is because you were looking for something that perhaps you could find in one of these pages, or maybe you just got lost. Either way, I hope you enjoy the ride 😉

I love travelling, yep, obviously. And I love preparing the journeys (please don’t name them “vacations”), learning about the cities, reading stories about places I’ll be, in the next trip or in a future one. Who said mind travelling doesn’t count?!

Rather than journey diaries I like to think them as travel tickets, ’cause (re) reading them I can go back to all those places. Reading other people experiences is very useful and entertaining for me, and for a while now I’ve enjoying carrying the narrator voice.

And after many trips hand-made, I like telling them, for me and for anyone who may want to join. And it’s a way of making the journeys last longer than the last check out.

From the south of the planet: Buenos Aires -Argentina- to the world! (or somewhere in between). Systems engineer, developer, tv series-aholic, movie fan, chocolate and ice cream dependent, talentless cook, book friendly.

Angus el viajero

Angus is another fan of packing the backpacks and heading out there, somewhere. He hasn’t got much patience for planning trips but he’s an awesome route friend. We found him wandering in Villa La Angostura, by the south of the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

He left that spectacular place to start travelling with us. Although I always suspected that he did that ’cause he wanted to end up being a blog hero and Internet star.


So let’s travel!

Thanks for stopping by,

Dani & Angus.


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